Historical Research

Culinary History

Hot Peppers and Hot Sauces in the English Cookery of the 17th to 19th Centuries

The English Origins of Sweet Potato Pie

The English Roots of Southern Barbecue

The English Origins of the Southern ‘Mess of Greens’

Fried Chicken in Colonial Virginia: Assessing the Evidence

The French (and English) Origins of Southern Fried Chicken

On the Purported Scottish Origins of Southern Fried Chicken: A Myth Debunked

On the supposed influence of ‘West African seasoning techniques’ in the historical development of Southern Fried Chicken

On the Obscure Origins of Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Contemporary ‘Southern Fried Chicken’: A 20th Century American Invention, Rooted in European Culinary Traditions

On Afrocentricism in Contemporary Southern Food Scholarship

English History

The English Drinking Culture: A Brief History

The War on Pubs: A Brief History

On the English Love of Swearing

The English Love of Gambling: A Brief History

Urban Music in 18th Century London

Backwoods Horror in 19th Century Devon

The Lives of the Rural Poor in 19th Century England

Folk Beliefs

Witch Bottles in English and American Folk Magic

Love Powders in British and American Folk Magic

British influences in Black Southerners’ folk beliefs

The European Roots of African American Crossroads Magic

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